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Weddings in Myrtle Beach and all Along the Grand Strand

Written by Larry Green

Why do folks come to Myrtle Beach to celebrate their weddings? As the owner of two wedding companies in the Myrtle Beach area, naturally I have some ideas.

Destination weddings are currently all the rage and have been for some time. Simply from the standpoint of geography, Myrtle Beach is positioned right at what can be construed in the middle of the east coast, more or less like a center point between all those northeastern states and Florida. And of course, geographically speaking, it’s a beach! So from the outset, we’re talking more than just a travel compromise, we’re talking of something of a vacation location.

Now you’ve got the beach, which in itself is a wedding magnet, but you also have all these major and minor attractions. Some are very touristy, actually serving as a plus for some folks, and then you have the more unique though far less numerous attractions. Listing some that can be included in that category first: Brookgreen Gardens, Atalaya Castle, the Low Country charm found in Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island, and the miles of nature trails amidst lakes and virgin land on the Meher Center. Next, just scratching the surface of the tourist attractions, which of course in themselves are bride and groom attractions, which translate into answers to, “Why not have our wedding in Myrtle Beach?” there’s mucho, mini golf courses, water parks with gargantuan water slides, numerous restaurants, fishing piers and fishing vessels, night clubs, theaters, amusement parks, theme parks, and shopping outlets. Let’s not forget, Myrtle Beach is also referred to as, “The Golf Capital of the World.”

There are opportunities in the Myrtle Beach area to hold your wedding ceremony right out on the beach. Situated as it is, on the east coast, here’s the spot to have a sunrise ceremony with the sun coming up over the Atlantic—weather permitting, very auspicious. More often, beach ceremonies are held in the late afternoon or early evening. Then, friends and family can migrate to a wide selection of wedding reception sites in accordance with the bride and grooms preferences. Many weddings and receptions are even held in large, rental houses right on the water. The Myrtle Beach area is replete with an array of banquet facilities that cater to all sizes and types of wedding celebrations.

Because Myrtle Beach can accommodate such a wide range of approaches to celebrating weddings, from traditional to unique, the area is not only a magnet for brides and grooms, but also for wedding vendors. Myrtle Beach boasts some of the most experienced and talented wedding professionals and purveyors of wedding services in the country. This is a simple instance of cause and effect. The quantity of weddings held translates into more qualified wedding businesses that can benefit from the demand, hence the appearance of The Grand Strand Bridal Association and Coastal Wedding Professionals.

I’m never tired of hearing from brides and grooms that the reason the Myrtle Beach area has been chosen as their wedding destination, is because, this is where they met. Many times during vacations, and often times because they were students together at Coastal Carolina University. Folks want to get married where they met, especially when the location has so much to offer, it can even serve as a place to have their honeymoon!

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